What are the Perks?
Weekly Wellness Excursions (with Special Offers)
This weekly email is full of tips and tools, to inform and support you along your journey towards total wellness. Each edition of the Wellness Excursion will also include an engaging and effective wellness challenge that you can complete each week to earn reward points that you can use to “level-up” your status in the community, and earn discounts on Hale Wellness programs and services.
Epic Wellness Quest
The Epic Wellness Quest is a , 12 week, selective, exclusive group coaching and mastermind program design for….. Seeking a lasting health & wellness lifestyle change. This Epic Wellness Quest is a guided journey every step of the way with a coach who will be your accountability partner by providing support, encouragement and inspiration and motivation to continue your adventure through challenges, resistance and roadblocks of disruption to complete your design of harmonizing your health and wellness goals. Membership in the Epic Quest Community includes all of the benefits available to Excursion and Expedition members plus: Monthly group coaching session and Q&A with a wellness professional. One 90 minute session, 50 minute, one-on-one coaching session twice a month. plus discounts on additional sessions Lifetime Access to Virtual Summit Archives Best Price Discounts to Wellness Workshops and Online Webinar Courses
Wellness Expedition Course

The Wellness Expedition is a twelve week, intensive course designed to deepen your understanding of all of the factors that impact your wellness: In the Wellness Expedition you will discover:

  • Socio Economic Impact Factors
  • Lifestyle Impact Factors
  • Community/ Cultural Impact Factors
  • Self-Care and Love Impact Factors
  • Environmental Impact Factors
  • Enroll in the Wellness Expedition today and receive all of the benefits available in the Wellness Excursion plus these special bonuses:
    Earn double reward points to advance your status more quickly and earn discounts for completing weekly excursions.

Exclusive Discounts offers on Health and Wellness products and services from Wellness Connections Business Partners

Special Discounts on Wellness Workshops, Summits and Webinar Courses


Excursion (Free):
Includes Weekly Wellness Excursion Newsletter and Wellness Challenge Access to Resource Network Instant Access to The Peer Mentorship Community Chat

Expedition 3x$99:
All of Excursion Benefits Plus
12 Week Wellness Expedition Course Double Reward Points for Weekly Challenges Exclusive Discounts of Programs and Partner Services

The Epic Wellness Quest (Apply for Pricing):
All Excursion and Expedition Level Benefits Plus:
Monthly Group Coaching
30-minute one-on-one coachings
Lifetime access virtual summits
Best Price discounts on all Hale Wellness and Wellness Connection Partner offerings